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behind the brand

Marrakech Clothing creates quality garments that are designed to be treasured. We don’t chase trends, we seek everlasting looks. There is always an element of timelessness to our designs and craftsmanship.

our fabrics and materials

Our designers begin by envisioning a product assortment that expresses where we want to go design-wise while trying to be as sustainable as possible. No garments are alike because of the unique dyeing process.

We select fabrics for quality, texture, and wearability.Β We use all natural fibers such as linen, cotton, and rayon. We aim to use very little synthetic fabrics. Our tencel/lyocell fabrics are sustainable.

Vegan Leather & Suede

Soft and smooth, this faux leather looks and feels luxurious. Vegan leather and suede is cruelty free for an everlasting product that is ethical and practical.Β 

No real leather is ever used, we only use sustainable vegan leather. The final product retains the traditional appearance and feel of genuine leather.

garment process

All of our garments are hand dyed and are one of a kind. We use thicker threads when possible on the garments. This can be labor intensive but translates to a higher quality and more durable garment.Β 

Starting with our fabrics, we focus on longevity of the garment. Our fabrics are ethically sourced and made in high-end factories in small batches. Everything is hand sewn by skilled manufacturers; all products are handmade.

Finishings & details

Our finishings for our garments include many quality details such as full linings and binding all of our seams. This translates to a well-made, quality product .Β 

Another way to create a beautiful finish is to bind the raw edge of a seam with another fabric, making the inside as beautiful as the outside.

We believe details make clothing truly special and keepsake - all of our zippers, buttons, and snaps are thoughtfully selected to accentuate the final garment.

Design Process

Everything is hand designed in New York and by our design team. All the fabrics are created in New York, some have been grandfathered as our core but we are still creating new ones to this day.